UltraDefrag features

Last updated on Jul 3, 2021

UltraDefrag comes with a great set of features intended to make your disk defragmentation experience as easy and pleasant as possible.

Extremely fast and efficient defragmentation

Defragmentation can be a time consuming operation, especially if your disks are heavily fragmented. UltraDefrag uses a lot of smart techniques to perform the job as quickly and efficiently as possible. For instance, UltraDefrag excludes files and fragments which do not affect system performance from defragmentation which helps to finish the job tremendously faster.

Ease of use

A flawless user experience is our number one priority. Using the latest version of UltraDefrag you can easily fully defragment your disks with just a few clicks.

Individual files and folders defragmentation

Sometimes you may want to defragment individual files and folders rather than the entire disks. Using UltraDefrag you can easily do it with just a couple of clicks.

Metafiles and data streams defragmentation

In addition to regular files and folders defragmentation UltraDefrag fully supports defragmentation of NTFS metafiles and data streams. All the metafiles and most of the data streams are essential parts of the file system and their fragmentation drastically drops down system performance. UltraDefrag takes care of all of them to keep the file system running at peak performance.

Locked files defragmentation

Sometimes Windows and applications lock files preventing their defragmentation. While some of the locked files do not affect system performance much, most of them are essential system files which fragmentation drops down system performance significantly. Well known examples of essential system files which are usually locked are the page, swap and hibernation files. UltraDefrag fully supports defragmentation of such files. Moreover, using the latest version of UltraDefrag you can easily defragment all of them with just a few clicks!

Automatic defragmentation

It can be tedious to check fragmentation of your disks from time to time manually and defragment them when it goes high. Using the latest version of UltraDefrag you can easily set your disks to be defragmented automatically with just a few clicks.

Optimization of disks

Using the latest version of UltraDefrag you can easily optimize your disks with just a few clicks in addition to the regular defragmentation. The disk optimization is far superior to defragmentation: it moves files closer to the beginning of the disk which is well known to be the fastest part of the disk, sorts files making access to groups of related files much faster and, finally, defragments the free space which helps to reduce fragmentation in future. All this greatly improves system performance.

Automatic sleep, hibernation or shutdown after the job completion

Using the latest version of UltraDefrag you can easily put your computer to sleep, hibernate it or shut it down automatically after the job completion. This is especially useful for the disk optimization as it may take a long time.

Easy configuration

UltraDefrag comes with a lot of useful options which control all aspects of defragmentation. For instance, you can easily exclude certain files, folders and even disks from the processing to save time. And, we have exciting news for you – the latest version of UltraDefrag features an easy to use preferences dialog. Now you can configure all the components of UltraDefrag with just a few clicks, without a single line of code!

A powerful command line interface

UltraDefrag includes a powerful command line interface which is a complete alternative to the graphical interface. The main feature of the command line interface is that you can easily use it to fully automate complex defragmentation tasks.

An easy to use portable edition

While the most of UltraDefrag components require installation to be used, the graphical and command line interfaces can be used without installation. The latest version of UltraDefrag includes an easy to use portable edition which can be written to a USB stick and then used from there without installation.

Reliable and safe operation

The latest version of UltraDefrag is well known to be very reliable. According to statistics we have gathered throughout the last few years and many millions of UltraDefrag runs, it always does its job perfectly well. Also UltraDefrag is completely safe to use. It can never damage your files, because it uses Windows Defragmentation API to move files which is extremely reliable and safe.

Comprehensive documentation

The latest version of UltraDefrag comes with comprehensive documentation which covers all kinds of topics about UltraDefrag use and includes a lot of step by step guides and usage examples. Also the documentation comes with a powerful built-in search, so if you have any questions about UltraDefrag, just give it a go. You will almost certainly find an answer!

24/7 customer support

We do provide 24/7 support to our customers. If you have a question about UltraDefrag, but cannot find an answer in the documentation, you are always welcome to drop us a question. We’ll do our best to review your question and respond to you as soon as possible.