Extremely fast and efficient defragmentation

Last updated on Jun 6, 2022

Defragmentation can be a time consuming operation, especially if your disks are heavily fragmented. UltraDefrag uses a lot of smart techniques to perform the job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

First of all, for the disk analysis UltraDefrag uses a state-of-the-art NTFS scanner which not only collects all the necessary information about all the files on the disk, including NTFS metafiles and data streams, but also finishes the disk analysis on average 25 times faster than a simple Windows API based scan the most of the other disk defragmenters use.

Then, during defragmentation UltraDefrag skips all files which do not affect system performance. For instance, by default UltraDefrag skips temporary files, archives, multimedia files and disk images. Also UltraDefrag skips all fragments larger than 20 MB by default as they do not affect the performance as well. All this helps to finish the job tremendously faster.

Also, UltraDefrag utilizes all the available CPU cores whenever possible and uses all kinds of other advanced code optimization techniques to squeeze every bit of performance from the disk processing algorithms.

All that makes the disk processing algorithms of UltraDefrag extremely fast and efficient. They do finish the job as quickly as possible and improve system performance as much as possible at the same time.

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