show-report command

Last updated on Jun 3, 2022

The show-report command displays the file fragmentation report for the specified disk:

C:\Program Files\UltraDefrag>show-report c:

; LAPTOP-FHEFQMJJ: : Fragmented files on C: [02/06/22 12:10:02]
; Fragments    Filesize  Comment      Status    Filename

         21        8 GB       -       locked    C:\pagefile.sys
          6      714 MB       -           -     C:\$MFT
          3      272 MB       -       locked    C:\swapfile.sys

The command is part of the UltraDefrag Supplementary Scripts. Download the scripts and put them to the installation directory of UltraDefrag to be able to use the command.

Please note, as the show-report command is a batch script, you have to use the system call command to call it from your batch scripts:

call "%UD_INSTALL_DIR%\show-report.cmd" c:
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