Last updated on Jun 6, 2022

Below is the list of all UltraDefrag releases along with the improvements they brought in:

Version 10.0.0 2022-06-12
  - SSD defragmentation and optimization support was added,
    now the program automatically skips slightly fragmented files
    during SSD defragmentation and uses the TRIM command to further
    improve SSD performance and prolong the life span of the disks
  - Windows 11 compatibility was added
  - Windows 10 compatibility issues were fixed, now the program
    is fully compatible with the latest Windows 10 updates
  - ReFS file system support was added
  - exFAT directories defragmentation support was added
  - all the disk processing algorithms were further optimized for speed
  - file fragmentation reports were completely redesigned and optimized,
    now they are much more convenient to use and much more responsive
  - documentation was completely rewritten, now it covers all the aspects
    of UltraDefrag use in detail, includes a lot of illustrations,
    easy to follow step by step guides and many practical examples
  - documentation was fully translated to 7 languages: Dutch, French,
    German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish
  - the following translations of the graphical interface were improved:
    Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish,
    Portuguese and Spanish
  - boot time defragmentation was enabled for the safe mode boot
  - redundant colors were removed from the cluster map - now the map
    uses the following colors: blue for non-fragmented files, yellow
    for non-fragmented folders, red for fragmented files and folders,
    green for locked files, dark and light magenta for MFT and MFT zone
    respectively and white for free space
  - cluster map scaling was improved - now the map always uses
    all the available space
  - redundant compressed files counter was replaced by a much more useful
    locked files counter in the status bar of the graphical interface
  - redundant file compression status was removed from the reports
  - ability to select multiple folders at once was added
    to the preferences dialog of the graphical interface
  - wxWidgets library was upgraded to the latest 3.1.4 release

Version 9.0.1 2019-10-20
  - cluster map scaling was improved - now the map is always precise
    and it always uses most of the available space
  - memory consumption was greatly reduced
  - Albanian translation was updated
  - a bug preventing correct addition of folders to filters was fixed
  - a few minor bugs were fixed

Version 9.0.0 2019-09-21
  - preferences dialog was added to the graphical interface - now everything
    can be easily configured with just a few clicks, there's no need to edit
    scripts anymore!
  - new boot time defragmentation menu was added to the graphical interface -
    now disks can be easily defragmented and optimized at boot time with just
    a few clicks, there's no need to edit scripts anymore!
  - all the disk processing algorithms were optimized for speed
  - fragmentation percentage calculation was corrected
  - disk analysis algorithm was improved - now it updates the cluster map
    and progress indicators smoothly and never freezes
  - a bug preventing progress update in Explorer's context menu handler was fixed
  - compatibility with HiDPI displays was improved
  - documentation was improved
  - a few minor bugs were fixed
  - double colon comment mark support was added to the boot time scripts
  - all the binaries were signed by digital signatures

Version 8.0.1 2019-07-01
  - compatibility with HiDPI displays was improved
  - Turkish translation was updated

Version 8.0.0 2018-09-28
  - automatic defragmentation was implemented
  - all the disk processing algorithms were highly optimized for speed and efficiency
  - deep action option was added to GUI, the appropriate --deep command line switch
    was added to the console and boot time interfaces
  - GUI was adjusted to consume less resources in paused state
  - GUI startup time was greatly reduced
  - installation was simplified, now the installer decides itself which set
    of binaries is the most suitable for the target processor architecture
  - portable edition now always includes binaries for all the supported
    processor architectures and chooses automatically those which are
    the most suitable for the target computer; just run the installer once
    and select 'Extract portable edition' to prepare all the necessary files
  - license was changed from GPL to a proprietary one


Version 7.1.4 2020-03-01
  - all the binaries were signed by digital signatures

Version 7.1.3 2019-08-15
  - installation was simplified

Version 7.1.2 2019-07-01
  - compatibility with HiDPI displays was improved
  - Turkish translation was updated

Version 7.1.1 2018-10-12
  - links to documentation pages were fixed

Version 7.1.0 2018-09-28
  - the repeat action option was retired, now all the disk
    processing algorithms decide themselves whether it's worth
    to run one more pass or not
  - compatibility with Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 was improved
  - cluster map was adjusted to always fit perfectly into the main frame
  - file fragmentation reports appearance was improved
  - options.lua file was moved to conf subfolder to fix configuration
    tracking bugs (#222 and #225)
  - explorer's context menu entries were fixed to never show up
    for special objects like recycle bin and control panel
  - file fragmentation reports were fixed to take daylight saving time
    settings into account
  - a lot of minor bugs were fixed
  - documentation was expanded
  - the following translations were updated:

    Chinese (China), English (United Kingdom), Estonian, French,
    Galician, German, Iloko, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish,
    Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Spanish (Argentina),
    Spanish (Mexico), Swedish

  - website was moved from to for the sake of performance - now it
    works approximately 10 times faster
  - Internals: compilation was optimized for speed

Version 7.0.2 2016-12-17
  - graphical and command line tools were optimized for speed and size
  - the following translations were updated:

    Arabic, Filipino (Tagalog), Iloko, Indonesian,
    Japanese, Ukrainian, Uzbek (Latin)

Version 7.0.1 2016-03-26
  - wxWidgets were upgraded to the latest 3.1.0 release
  - crash handler was improved to handle division by zero errors
  - Uzbek (Latin) translation was added
  - the following translations were updated:
    Filipino (Tagalog), Iloko, Korean

Version 7.0.0 2015-12-23
  - few minor bugs were fixed
  - the following translations were updated:

    Filipino (Tagalog), Spanish
  - few major bugs affecting thread safety were fixed

  - wxWidgets were upgraded to the latest stable 3.0.2 release
  - a lot of minor bugs were fixed
  - Finnish translation was updated
  - NOTE: the language selection got broken, because wxWidgets 3.0.2
    uses different language identifiers; just click Settings > Language
    and select yours once again to fix that
  - safer options were used for compilation
  - Slovak translation was updated
  - one minor bug was fixed
  - crash handling was reimplemented
  - few minor bugs were fixed
  - Portuguese (Brazil) translation was updated

  - the following translations were updated:

    Catalan, Chinese (China), Chinese (Taiwan), Czech, Danish, Dutch,
    English (United Kingdom), French, Georgian, German, Greek, Hungarian,
    Iloko, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Persian,
    Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico),
    Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

  - GUI and command line tools reimplemented on top of wxWidgets library
  - online translation migrated from
  - initial language selection is now done by the GUI instead of the installer
  - ability to hide drives list columns through their resizing added
  - ability to check for all or stable updates added
  - multicolumn language selection menu implemented
  - internal GUI settings moved from guiopts-internals.lua to gui.ini file
  - Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 support dropped due to poor API support
  - useless font selection dialog removed from GUI (adjust Windows theme instead)
  - scale_by_dpi GUI parameter removed, as well as disable_latest_version_check
    and restore_default_window_size parameters (examine guiopts.lua file for details)
  - Internals: Windows Driver Kit support dropped because of its
    unreliable development environment - use Windows SDK v7.1 instead
  - winx_vswprintf and winx_swprintf routines added to zenwinx library
  - wgx library replaced by wxWidgets library


Version 6.1.2 2016-06-09
  - crash handling was reimplemented

Version 6.1.1 2015-11-20
  - graphical interface forced to check for available updates more reliably

Version 6.1.0 2015-04-19
  - documentation was cleaned up
  - configuration files were superseded by a single options.lua file
  - few minor bugs were fixed

Version 6.0.4 2014-10-25
  - fixed a bug preventing configuration files creation on Windows 7

Version 6.0.3 2014-10-19
  - corrected a problem where the Windows folder was not detected properly
    if the terminal services were activated
  - online translation support discontinued due to migration to transifex
  - the following translations were updated:

    Filipino (Tagalog), Galician, German, Thai, Ukrainian

Version 6.0.2 2013-05-17
  - the FAQ section of the handbook now contains information about how to
    set up v6 to optimize similarly to v5
  - the Explorer context menu is now reduced to a single entry with sub-menu
    on Windows 7 and above
  - the following translations were updated:

    Albanian, Danish, Filipino (Tagalog), Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia),
    Javanese, Polish, Portuguese (BR)

Version 6.0.1 2013-04-01
  - Installer no longer warns about Windows 8 being untested
  - shortened the delay after hitting the finish button of the installer
  - increased Windows 8 compatibility
  - the following translations were added:


  - the following translations were updated:

    Chinese (Traditional), Filipino (Tagalog), Italian, Portuguese, Spanish (AR),
    Ukrainian, Vietnamese

Version 6.0.0 2013-03-02
  - the following translations were updated:

    Chinese (Traditional)

  - fixed bug #175 "End of stage shows completion at 0.0%"
  - log creation in case of out of memory condition added
  - performance of analysis for fragmented files count above 30000 was
    improved dramatically
  - the following translations were updated:

    Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Iloko, Italian, Russian, Spanish (ES),
    Spanish (MEX)

  - upgrade check now better supports development releases
  - out of memory condition handling added

  - Internals: changed definition of WGX_OPTION structure
  - WgxGetControlDimensions routine added to wgx library

  - the following translations were added:


  - the following translations were updated:

    Catalan, Italian

  - added progress indication to the taskbar button for Windows 7
    and more recent Windows editions; it can be turned on/off by
    show_progress_in_taskbar GUI option
  - file fragmentation reports moved from the root directories of
    the drives to the /reports sub-folder of the program's directory
  - added ability to configure the Explorer's context menu handler;
    an appropriate section added to guiopts.lua file
  - bug fix: UD_IN_FILTER forced to be not ignored when individual
    files/directories are specified on the command line
  - bug fix: UD_SORTING and UD_SORTING_ORDER environment variables
    forced to be set properly on GUI startup according to the Preview
    menu selections
  - added prefixes for all the debugging messages for easier analysis of logs
  - Internals: many prototypes changed in zenwinx, udefrag, wgx libraries;
    obsolete routines removed
  - winx_bootex_check routine added to zenwinx library
  - udefrag_init_library, udefrag_unload_library, udefrag_bootex_check,
    udefrag_bootex_register, udefrag_bootex_unregister routines added
  - WgxSetTaskbarProgressState, WgxSetTaskbarProgressValue, wgx_sprintf,
    wgx_vsprintf, wgx_swprintf, wgx_vswprintf routines added to wgx library
  - tracing macros for easier debugging added to zenwinx.h and wgx.h files
  - Windows Server 2003 DDK support dropped because of lack of variadic macros
    support there - use Windows Driver Kit v7.1.0 instead

  - the following translations were updated:


  - all the disk processing algorithms were reimplemented
    to reach better efficiency and shorter processing times
  - FAT optimization was implemented
  - ability to sort files on the disk by the disk optimization was added;
    files can be sorted by path, size, creation time, last modification time,
    last access time - in either ascending or descending order
  - ability to filter out files by size of their fragments was added
    (fragment_size_threshold option in GUI; UD_FRAGMENT_SIZE_THRESHOLD
    environment variable in command line tool and boot time interface)
  - ability to tune the disk optimization by UD_OPTIMIZER_FILE_SIZE_THRESHOLD
    environment variable (optimizer_file_size_threshold GUI option) was added
  - ability to suspend/resume the running job was added to GUI
  - ability to minimize the program to the taskbar notification
    area (system tray) was added; it can be turned on/off by
    minimize_to_system_tray GUI option
  - MFT optimization was forced to do nothing silently on non-NTFS disks
  - quite useless cyan color removed from the cluster map
  - icons were redesigned to reach better appearance
    on Windows Vista and above
  - high DPI screens support was improved
  - Internals: flags field removed from winx_file_disposition structure
  - many zenwinx prototypes changed by replacing short keyword by wchar_t
  - useless fat32_xxx fields removed from winx_volume_information structure
  - device_capacity field added to winx_volume_information structure
  - WgxShowWindow and WgxHideWindow definitions added to wgx.h file
  - WgxSetProcessPriority routine added to wgx library
  - Windows Server 2003 DDK needs to be patched in order to compile
    the program; look at rsc/compilation.dox for details


Version 5.1.2  2012-12-18
  - USB keyboards detection problem solved for the boot time interface
  - bug fix: boot time logs forced to use correct error messages
  - now displaying a message when installing on a newer versions than Windows 7,
    to make users aware of UltraDefrag being not tested on anything newer than
    Windows 7 currently

  - the following translations were updated:

    Iloko, Russian, Spanish (ES), Tamil

Version 5.1.1  2012-11-11
  - it is now supported to install over an existing portable package
  - a problem with launching the cluster map legend from the help menu,
    if the path to the HTML file contained spaces, is fixed

  - the following translations were updated:

    Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Iloko, Javanese, Latvian, Tamil

Version 5.1.0  2012-10-18
  - added fragmentation level display to all the interfaces
  - added ability to skip the disk processing when fragmentation level
    is below a specified one (fragmentation_threshold option in GUI;
    UD_FRAGMENTATION_THRESHOLD environment variable in command line tool
    and boot time interface)
  - added settings for file pattern groups to easier exclude or include
    groups of files (fixes issue #3449331)
  - bug fix: GUI forced to handle any setting changes reliably
  - bug fix: filters forced to be case insensitive for all the characters
    (they worked properly for ANSI characters only)
  - added ability to specify the installation folder
  - added log file creation to debug silent installations

  - the following translations were added:


  - the following translations were updated:

    Albanian, Arabic, English (GB), French, Indonesian, Italian, Polish,
    Spanish (ES), Spanish (MEX)

  - Internals: creation_time, last_modification_time, last_access_time
    members added to the winx_file_info structure
  - bug fix: winx_wcsistr, winx_wcsmatch, winx_patfind, winx_patcmp
    routines forced to work properly for all the characters
    (they worked well for ASCII characters only)
  - bug fix: winx_hr_to_bytes routine forced to convert numbers with
    leading zeros after the decimal point properly
  - winx_toupper, winx_tolower, winx_wcsistr, winx_stristr, winx_wcsmatch,
    winx_patfind, winx_patcmp routines optimized for speed
  - winx_towupper, winx_towlower, winx_wcsupr, winx_wcslwr, winx_wcsicmp
    routines added to zenwinx library to be used instead of the fake
    Windows routines working properly for ASCII characters only
  - udefrag_towupper, udefrag_towlower, udefrag_wcsupr, udefrag_wcslwr,
    udefrag_wcsicmp routines added to udefrag library for the same reasons
    as mentioned above
  - os.setenv, os.getenv Lua routines reimplemented for better reliability

Version 5.0.7  2012-09-01
  - added compatibility with the following software by exclusion their
    essential files from moving (excluded files are listed in brackets):
    SafeBoot (safeboot.fs), Symantec GoBack (Gobackio.bin),
    PGP Whole Disk Encryption (PGPWDE0*), Acronis OS Selector (bootwiz*),
    DriveCrypt (BootAuth?.sys), DiskCryptor ($dcsys$)
  - added crash handling code to the GUI, it shows the crash information
    on startup when the program crashed during the last run
  - changed unit suffixes from lower case 'b' to capital 'B',
    this is going conform with the SI units.
    Current scripts will still function, since we ignore character case.
  - error messages of the command line tool redirected to stderr
    while everything else - to stdout to comply with the common practice
  - fixed the progress indicator overflow; now it should never exceed 100%
  - added option to specify a custom cluster map background color
    (free-space color)
  - included further information in the documentation to fix bug #3561122

  - the following translations were added:

    Lithuanian, Albanian

  - the following translations were updated:

    Vietnamese, Polish, Iloko, Portuguese (BR), Norwegian, Slovak,
    Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Spanish (MEX),
    Wáray-Wáray, Japanese, Spanish (AR)

  - Internals: WgxPrintUnicodeString, WgxCheckAdminRights
    routines added to wgx library

Version 5.0.6  2012-06-20
  - GUI debugging output was forced to be saved in the log file
  - added "Debug" item to the help menu
  - added "View change log", "View translation report" and
    "Submit current translation" items to language menu
  - result of the previous operation stays visible for the boot time interface
  - the following translations were updated:

    Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish (ES), Hebrew, Serbian, Javanese,
    Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Polish, Korean, Filipino (Tagalog),
    Iloko, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Portuguese (BR), Danish, Hindi,
    Bulgarian, Russian

  - the following translations were renamed:

    French (FR) to French, Bosanski to Bosnian and Vietnamese (VI) to Vietnamese

  - Internals: winx_to_utf8 routine added to zenwinx library
  - winx_dbg_print routine enhanced: $NS and $LE magic sequences support added
  - udefrag_dbg_print routine added to udefrag library
  - WgxSetDbgPrintHandler routine added to wgx library

Version 5.0.5  2012-05-05
  - repair drives action was added to the GUI menu
  - displaying the cluster map legend from the help menu was added
  - cluster map scaling was forced to be more accurate
  - GUI options verification was added
  - a bug causing "wrong map detected" error was fixed
  - ability to analyze, optimize and quick optimize drive from
    Explorer context menu added
  - relative log paths support added to both GUI and console interface
  - support of Unicode strings added to GUI options
  - encoding of language packs changed to UTF-8
  - status bar MFT string removed from translations, since it is nearly
    impossible to translate due to space issues
  - handbook section about bug reporting reworked to include detailed steps
  - the following translations were updated:

    Hebrew, Bosanski

  - Internals: make-mingw-projects.lua script added
  - WgxCreateProcess and WgxCreateThread routines added to wgx library
  - winx_flush_dbg_log routine added to zenwinx library
  - udefrag_flush_dbg_log routine added to udefrag library
  - os.setenv routine added to Lua library
  - WgxBuildResourceTable, WgxSetText, WgxGetResourceString prototypes
    changed as well as WGX_I18N_RESOURCE_ENTRY structure definition
  - unsafe IncreaseGoogleAnalyticsCounterAsynch routine
    removed from wgx library

Version 5.0.4  2012-04-07
  - dirty volumes needing CHKDSK repair were returned
    to the drives list with a special mark in their status field
  - taskbar icon overlay indicating that a job is running was added
    for Windows 7 and more recent Windows editions; it can be turned
    on/off by show_taskbar_icon_overlay GUI option
  - menu item to manually check for updates added
  - i18n support was added to file fragmentation reports
  - the following translations were updated:

    Korean, French (FR), Spanish (AR), Croatian, Spanish (MEX), Wáray-Wáray

  - menu icons for high DPI screens were added
  - Internals: WgxSetTaskbarIconOverlay, WgxRemoveTaskbarIconOverlay,
    WgxLoadIcon and WgxGetTextDimensions routines added to wgx library
  - WgxGetResourceString behavior changed
  - math.lshift function added to Lua library
  - incremental compilation enabled
  - MS Visual Studio 6.0 development environment support dropped

Version 5.0.3  2012-02-26
  - produce_html_report and produce_plain_text_report options were added
    to the udreportopts.lua file; now the program generates text reports
    only when they're enabled explicitly
  - GUI was forced to open plain text reports in case of turned off
    HTML reports generation
  - size of plain text reports was reduced by use of UTF-8 encoding
    instead of UTF-16
  - one bug preventing language selection saving on installation was fixed
  - menu icons were added for Vista and more recent Windows editions;
    they can be enabled/disabled through the show_menu_icons GUI option
  - one bug in GUI cluster map draw was fixed
  - few bugs in disk optimization algorithm were fixed
  - UD_SIZELIMIT environment variable superseded by UD_FILE_SIZE_THRESHOLD,
    sizelimit GUI option superseded by file_size_threshold option
  - environment variables expansion support was added to the boot time shell
  - the following translations were added:


  - the following translations were updated:


Version 5.0.2  2012-01-31
  - representation of disk clusters on the cluster map was improved
  - one little bug in MFT Zone redraw was fixed
  - registry is now queried for the number of installed keyboards
    to guarantee detection of all installed keyboards
  - Installer: forced default action for .luar files to be "view"
  - the following translations were added:

    Bosanski, Arabic

  - the following translations were updated:


  - some additions to the intro and GUI section of the documentation
  - PDF version of the documentation is now available as separate download

Version 5.0.1  2012-01-08
  - few important bugs in disk processing routines were fixed
  - few bugs in MFT optimizer were fixed
  - one bug causing boot time interface freeze
    after "Good bye..." message was fixed
  - the following translations were updated:

    Finnish, Indonesian, Italian

  - some additions to the tips, FAQ and GUI sections of the documentation

Version 5.0.0  2011-12-31
  - the following translations were added:

    Kapampangan, Georgian

  - the following translations were updated:

    Italian, Polish, Swedish, Burmese (Padauk), Finnish, Japanese

  - ability to defragment NTFS attribute lists was added
  - check for the volume dirty flag was added to the volume analysis
  - ability to select all disks by pressing Ctrl+A was added to GUI
  - ability to analyze disk by pressing Enter or double-clicking on
    the list row was added to GUI
  - the following translations were updated:

    Japanese, Korean, Italian, Iloko, Czech, Slovak, Portuguese (BR),
    Romanian, Filipino (Tagalog), Catalan, Spanish (ES), Hungarian,
    Farsi, Yiddish

  - installer has been enhanced in the following ways:
    + usage tracking can be enabled/disabled
      during silent installations using the /S switch:
          * /DISABLE_USAGE_TRACKING ... enable/disable usage tracking
                                        through the web
  - added command script to create translation report as text/plain
    and text/wiki
  - few little bugs in volume processing routines were fixed
  - volume letter being processed was added to GUI title
  - a header was added to 'udefrag -l' command output
  - Internals: coding style changed: tabs replaced by four spaces
  - is_dirty flag added to winx_volume_information (zenwinx.h)
    and volume_info (udefrag.h) structures

  - FILTER SYNTAX CHANGED to provide better flexibility
  - ability to defragment folder itself without defragmentation
    of its contents added to the context menu of Windows Explorer
  - GUI options forced to be not overwritten at GUI program exit
  - MFT optimization implemented
  - repeat action menu and toolbar button were added to GUI
  - --repeat command line switch was added to the console interface
    and to the boot time defragmenter
  - volume label is now displayed by the console interface for
    -l and -la switches
  - ability to defragment a few more internal NTFS files
    ($Secure streams, $Extend folder and its subfolders) was added
  - ability to defragment reparse points was added
  - all the volume processing routines were optimized for speed
  - one bug causing incorrect time limit treatment was fixed
  - added display of the time limit at boot time
  - MFT zone draw was adjusted to be more precise and correct
  - few bugs in cluster map redraw algorithm were fixed
  - few bugs in volume processing routines were fixed
  - console interface help screen now includes examples
  - the following translations were added:

    Latin, Hebrew, Javanese, Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia), Spanish (MEX)

  - the following translations were updated:

    Portuguese (BR), Yiddish, Hungarian, Spanish (ES), Dutch, Finnish,
    Italian, Iloko, Filipino (Tagalog), Catalan, Danish, Norwegian,
    Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional), Korean
  - installer has been enhanced in the following ways:
    + now checks Mutex to prevent install/remove while the program is running
    + installer supports full, micro edition and custom installation
    + component selections are remembered between installations
    + interfaces can be selected individually
    + shortcut icons can be selected individually
    + all selections can be done through command line switches
      during silent installations using the /S switch:
          * /FULL .............. install full edition
          * /MICRO ............. install micro edition (no GUI, no help, no icons)
          * /ICONS ............. install/remove all shortcut icons
          * /BOOT .............. install/remove boot time component
          * /CONSOLE ........... install/remove console component
          * /GUI ............... install/remove GUI component
          * /HELP .............. install/remove documentation
          * /SHELLEXTENSION .... install/remove Explorer context menu handler
          * /STARTMENUICON ..... install/remove start menu icon
          * /DESKTOPICON ....... install/remove desktop icon
          * /QUICKLAUNCHICON ... install/remove quick launch icon
  - one little bug causing log file path truncation in GUI was fixed
  - one bug causing infinite loops in volume optimization was fixed
  - progress percentage calculation was improved
  - volume analysis was allowed for full disks having no free space
  - Internals: winx_create_mutex, winx_open_mutex, winx_release_mutex,
    winx_destroy_mutex, winx_stristr, winx_wcsmatch, winx_patcmp,
    winx_defrag_fopen, winx_defrag_fclose functions added to zenwinx library
  - binary tree manipulation routines were added to zenwinx library;
    they're based on the GNU libavl red-black trees with parent pointers
  - winx_fbsize, winx_dfbsize, udefrag_fbsize, udefrag_dfbsize routines
    replaced by winx_bytes_to_hr, winx_hr_to_bytes, udefrag_bytes_to_hr,
    udefrag_hr_to_bytes routines in zenwinx and udefrag libraries
  - winx_exit_thread prototype changed by adding the exit status parameter
  - zenwinx_native_init and zenwinx_native_unload routines replaced
    by winx_init_library and winx_unload_library routines respectively
  - winx_init_failed and winx_kb_init routines added to zenwinx library
  - winx_init routine removed from zenwinx library
  - WINX_FTW_SKIP_RESIDENT_STREAMS flag added to winx_ftw and winx_scan_disk
  - WgxGetToolbarBitmapForMenu, WgxCreateMenuBitmapMasked functions added
  - calling conventions removed from all the function prototypes
    in all the libraries
  - silent mode (-s switch) added to lua5.1a_gui program

  - volume optimization reimplemented
  - quick volume optimization implemented
  - the cluster map now indicates unused map blocks with gray color
  - one bug preventing a proper redraw of defragmented files was fixed
  - few bugs causing infinite loops in defragmentation algorithm were fixed
  - one bug preventing MFT defragmentation was fixed
  - one bug preventing reports containing Asian characters in file names
    from being built was fixed
  - one bug preventing defragmentation in some cases on Windows NT 4.0
    and Windows 2000 was fixed
  - the documentation was updated to include better information about
    taking screen-shots and creating support packages on the bug reports page
  - tree-view to select chapters was added to documentation and the
    default doxygen color theme is now used
  - the following translations were added:

    English (GB), Iloko
  - the following translations were updated:
    Korean, Turkish, Slovak, English (US), Hindi, Romanian, Filipino (Tagalog),
    Catalan, Spanish (ES), Greek, Chinese (Simplified), Polish, Swedish,
    Italian, Finnish, Chinese (Traditional), German, Hungarian, Danish
  - hexview command added to the boot time shell
  - Internals: udefrag_start_job prototype changed by adding algorithm
    preview flags

  - UD_LOG_FILE_PATH environment variable added to force save of debugging
    information to a log file. Intended for use in boot time interface
    and batch scripts.
    For the GUI a setting was introduced, which is equivalent to setting
    this variable.
  - boot time interface startup logging added; the program saves log files
    in %windir%\UltraDefrag\logs folder
  - a bug preventing the boot time defragmenter from being turned off fixed

  - the following translations were added:


  - the following translations were updated:

    Spanish(ES), Czech, Belarusian, Ukrainian, Chinese(Traditional)

  - Internals: winx_strdup, winx_vsprintf, winx_sprintf, winx_enable_dbg_log,
    winx_disable_dbg_log, winx_get_module_filename, winx_path_remove_filename,
    winx_path_remove_extension, winx_path_extract_filename, winx_create_path,
    winx_init_spin_lock, winx_acquire_spin_lock, winx_release_spin_lock,
    winx_destroy_spin_lock functions added to zenwinx library
  - udefrag_set_log_file_path function added to udefrag library

  - defragmentation algorithm reimplemented; partial defragmentation improved
  - ability to defragment MFT as well as other internal NTFS files
    on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 was added
  - ability to defragment internal NTFS files on Windows 2000 was added
  - one huge bug was fixed in the boot time defragmenter, udefrag.dll and
    zenwinx.dll libraries - they all have had improper definition of the
    IO_STATUS_BLOCK structure used by many undocumented Windows API functions
  - a problem was fixed, where the abort flag was not cleared, when entering
    the interactive mode at boot time
  - actions to take after processing is done implemented as separate menu
  - file status was added to reports
  - current time was added to reports
  - ability to specify not only drive letters but also paths of files
    and folders added to the command line and the boot time interfaces
  - Explorer context menu handler reimplemented to be more reliable
    (batch script used before caused sometimes an environment
    desynchronization due to the start of udefrag command with elevated
    privileges on Vista and Windows 7)
  - added icon to Explorer context menu handler in Windows 7 and later
  - the following translations were added:

    Galician, Tamil

  - the following translations were updated:

    Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish(ES), French(FR), Dutch, Czech,
    Vietnamese(VI), Spanish(AR)

  - dry_run parameter added to GUI options as well as UD_DRY_RUN environment
    variable support added to the driver to be able to quickly test algorithms
    without actual data moves on disk
  - keyboard reading routines used at Windows boot time were reimplemented
    to reach higher reliability
  - Internals: winx_get_system_time, winx_get_local_time functions
    added to zenwinx library
  - ULONG_PTR wrong definition was replaced by correct one in ntndk.h file
  - ability to resize list of volumes was added to graphical interface
  - the volume label is now displayed in the volume list
  - textual progress is now displayed in the status column of the volume list
  - file sizes were added to HTML reports
  - file sizes were converted to a human readable format in text reports
  - few bugs were fixed in the BootExecute Control program used to enable and
    disable the boot time defragmenter
  - Internals: build scripts were highly optimized
  - mistakes preventing build on the path containing spaces were eliminated
  - support of custom report options was added to simplify upgrade
    of default options
  - the following translations were updated:

    Chinese (Simplified)

  - the problem of dialog captions not being translated was fixed
  - GUI was redesigned to be much more ergonomic (comfortable for daily use)
  - ability to change preferences without the need to restart GUI was added
  - ability to resize GUI window at any time was added;
    cluster map scales now automatically
  - GUI flicker on window resize was reduced
  - better hotkeys were assigned to GUI actions
  - the process of adding/editing/testing of translations
    was highly simplified
  - GUI uses system font respecting global Windows settings anywhere
    except of the list control for which mono-space fonts are more preferred
  - GUI uses custom font in all dialog boxes in case of Burmese (Padauk)
    translation, because otherwise Windows fail to display texts correctly
  - separate Configuration dialog was retired
  - Language Selector was retired
  - ability to run multiple instances simultaneously was added
  - the driver has been completely reworked to increase its reliability
    and flexibility; many complicated algorithms were replaced
    by obvious ones; as a side effect we have a noticeable speedup
    of the volume analysis
  - filter pattern length limitation (4096 characters) was removed
  - added hints about using CHKDSK to get a consistent drive
  - "Tips and Tricks" moved to separate handbook page to be accessible
    from the "Best Practice" help menu item
  - the following translations were added:

    Estonian, Vietnamese(VI), Burmese(Padauk), Spanish(ES)

  - the following translations were updated:

    Portuguese(BR), Czech, French (FR), Portuguese, Catalan

  - FAT12 and FAT16 volumes are displayed in GUI again as a simple FAT,
    because this highly speeds up the volume list building
  - Internals: dfrg.exe historical name of GUI executable was replaced
    by final name ultradefrag.exe
  - manifest was added to signal Vista and higher that this is a
    high DPI aware application (
  - portable.x file became meaningless for the portable edition
  - winx_patcomp, winx_patfind, winx_patfree, winx_wcsdup, winx_vopen,
    winx_vflush, winx_ftw_dump_file, winx_get_free_volume_regions,
    winx_add_volume_region, winx_sub_volume_region,
    winx_release_free_volume_regions, winx_dbg_print_header,
    winx_toupper, winx_tolower functions added to zenwinx library
  - udefrag_get_volume_information function added to udefrag library
  - WgxDbgPrint, WgxDbgPrintLastError, WgxDisplayLastError,
    WgxSafeSubclassWindow, WgxSafeCallWndProc, WgxCenterWindow, WgxSetText,
    WgxCreateFont, WgxDestroyFont, WgxSaveFont, WgxGetOptions, WgxSaveOptions
    WgxBuildMenu, WgxBuildPopupMenu calls added to wgx library
  - WgxSetFont prototype changed
  - obsolete WgxGetLogFontStructureFromFile, WgxSaveLogFontStructureToFile
    calls removed from wgx.dll library


Version 4.4.0  2010-09-24
  - history of typed commands added to the boot time interactive mode;
    navigation is possible by arrow keys, 'history' command can be used
    to list all typed commands
  - call, man and type commands added to the boot time shell
  - echo, exit, pause and set commands of the boot time shell improved
  - clearing of the failed boot flag added for reboot and shutdown at boot time
  - pending boot-off boot time script command support added,
    this removes the limitation of boot-on/off not working before reboot/shutdown
  - interactive mode at boot time now displays help split into pages
  - escape key handling added to break the boot time script execution
  - boot time commands parsing was rewritten to increase
    reliability and flexibility of the boot time shell
  - corrected cluttered progress display if console output was redirected
  - optimized timeout for waiting for a keyboard event in boot time interface
  - the following translations were updated:

    Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional)

  - FAT formatted volumes are displayed in GUI now as FAT12/FAT16/FAT32
    instead of less informative FAT/FAT32
  - winx_heap_alloc replaced by winx_heap_alloc_ex to allow specifying flags
  - winx_heap_alloc_zero added to allow allocating memory initialized with zero
  - winx_ftw, winx_scan_disk, winx_fsize, winx_kb_read, winx_xtime,
    winx_prompt_ex, winx_get_file_contents, winx_release_file_contents,
    winx_wcsistr, winx_print_array_of_strings, winx_get_volume_information,
    calls were added to zenwinx library
  - winx_fbopen call added to zenwinx library for buffered file i/o support
  - obsolete winx_get_volume_size and winx_get_filesystem_name calls
    were removed from zenwinx library; use more common
    winx_get_volume_information instead
  - one little bug in winx_kbhit, winx_breakhit functions was fixed
  - udefrag_get_vollist and udefrag_release_vollist calls were added
    to udefrag library; an obsolete udefrag_get_avail_volumes was removed
  - partial defragmentation was added to decrease number of fragments
    even when there is no free space on disk to hold all fragments of the file together
  - volume optimization algorithm was improved to prevent useless
    additional optimization passes
  - one little bug preventing optimization from being stopped was fixed
    in driver
  - volume optimization algorithm was improved to prevent skipping
    heavily fragmented parts of the processed volume
  - progress is now added to the GUI window caption,
    so it is displayed in the tool-tip of the task-bar icon
  - cryptic single character progress label was replaced
    by the localized operation names
  - file system type detection was rewritten to be more reliable
    and detect UDF-formatted volumes properly
  - fixed a problem where the case of the names of the help pages
    launched from the configuration dialog did not match
  - fixed a problem, where .lua files would get executed instead of edited,
    if "Lua for Windows" was installed
  - 10 seconds delay is skipped on boot time scan, if only one keyboard is present
  - added language selector to the GUI package
  - Hindi translation was added
  - the following translations were updated:

    Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Polish, Russian, Serbian,
    Swedish, Turkish

Version 4.3.0  2010-05-29
  - GUI window resizing feature was added
  - scaling according to the screens DPI settings added
  - native keyboard check was enhanced to add a delay if one of the first two
    keyboards fail detection
  - driver was improved to better distinguish between free space and MFT zone
  - progress indication was improved in the boot time interface
  - backspace and escape keys handling added to the boot time interactive mode
  - one little bug preventing the root directory from being defragmented fixed
  - --use-entire-window option was added to the command line interface
  - fixed a bug preventing OS version check to work on later Windows versions
  - update check was added to the GUI
  - few wrong prototypes in /src/dll/zenwinx/ntndk.h file were fixed
  - UltraDefrag Scheduler has been retired as a component less functional
    than standard Windows Task Scheduler;
    visit for tutorials on scheduling
    disk defragmentation tasks through Windows Task Scheduler
  - --wait option was added to the command line interface to make scheduled
    defragmentation more flexible
  - more reliable monolithic boot time defragmenter was made
  - few bugs preventing the correct MFT displaying were fixed in driver
  - one little bug preventing displaying system files in green color
    on NTFS volumes was fixed
  - cluster map appearance in GUI was improved and made absolutely
    independent from the screen DPI
  - cluster map block size was made customizable in GUI through map_block_size
    and grid_line_width parameters added to guiopts.lua configuration file
  - the following translations were updated:

    Czech, Finnish, Japanese, Spanish (AR), Portuguese (BR), Korean, Hungarian

  - installer was updated to include publisher, version, estimated size,
    custom icon and support link in uninstall information
  - sources were cleaned up by removing the obsolete
    kernel mode driver support at all
  - for programmers: winx_create_thread improved, winx_getche and winx_gets
    improved, winx_prompt added, udefrag.dll interface optimized
    (function prototypes changed!)

Version 4.2.0  2010-03-30
  - multiple drives selection feature was added to GUI and Scheduler
  - progress indication was improved to be more detailed and smooth
  - defragmentation and optimization speedup was performed
  - --all, --all-fixed command line switches added to the console interface
    and to the boot time defragmenter
  - boot time interface initialization speedup was performed
  - boot time interface interactive mode commands set changed to be the same
    as in scripting mode
  - HTML reports encoding was changed to UTF-8, which renders nicely
    in all popular web browsers including Internet Explorer
  - plain text reports were improved to be more readable
  - the following translations were updated:

    Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Polish

  - a bug preventing true Unicode paths from being displayed
    in file fragmentation reports was fixed
  - shutdown confirmation dialogs were added to GUI
  - one additional check preventing the boot time defragmenter from
    running in Windows Safe Mode was added
  - one little bug causing a wrong progress bar appearance on Windows XP
    default theme was fixed

Version 4.1.0  2010-03-06
  - few bugs in driver were fixed
  - a huge analysis speedup performed
  - one bug in GUI (#2964309) was fixed
  - one little bug preventing the Scheduler running on Windows 2000 was fixed
  - volume status messages were improved in UltraDefrag GUI
  - the report saving speedup was performed
  - the following translations were added:

    Belarusian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Filipino (Tagalog), Finnish, Icelandic,
    Macedonian, Norwegian, Romanian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Yiddish

  - the following translations were updated:

    Catalan, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Czech, Danish,
    Dutch, Farsi, French(FR), German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian,
    Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese(BR), Portuguese,
    Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish(AR), Swedish, Thai, Turkish

  - /LANG command line option was added to the installer

Version 4.0.0  2010-01-30
  - a lot of extremely important bugs were fixed
  - the strongest error handling was added to all program modules
  - program is available again for all 64-bit targets
  - documentation was rewritten to be much clearer
  - kernel mode driver was removed as a component
    less reliable by definition
  - translations submitting is available again through
  - USB keyboards support at Windows boot time was added
  - all important program sources were well documented

Beta Stage
  All versions listed below were treated as stable and so on, but actually
  they were highly unreliable. Program's internal structure is very complex,
  it uses a lot of undocumented Windows calls. Therefore bug hunting was
  always extremely hard, especially in early days when an author had
  no enough experience.

  In other words, all versions prior to 4.0.0 must be treated as products
  of the beta stage of program's development.

Version 3.3.0  2009-12-04
  - volume optimization algorithm was highly improved
  - fragments threshold filter parameter was added
  - UD_TIME_LIMIT option was added
  - portable version was highly improved
  - few little bugs were fixed
  - now the program is much more compatible with Vista and later versions
    of Windows; this is achieved by adding the User Mode Driver to it
  - program's reliability increased by removing error handlers caused
    infinite loops
  - now the program can be used in Windows Safe Mode when the user mode
    driver is enabled

  - since this version native 64-bit binaries aren't available
    due to the C compilers internal bugs (Windows DDK, Windows SDK, Pelles C,
    MinGW x64 were tested); portable UltraDefrag can be used now on all of the  
    64-bit systems instead of the native 64-bit packages

  - NOTE FOR PROGRAMMERS: to successfully compile the user mode driver run
    configure.lua script, check 'Apply patch to MinGW' box and click OK
    once again

Version 3.2.1  2009-10-06
  - shutdown after a job feature was added to GUI
  - hibernate after a job feature was added to GUI
  - `boot-on` and `boot-off` commands were added to boot time defragger
  - Scheduler has been translated into Spanish (AR) language
  - Hibernate command line tool was added
  - few bugs were fixed

Version 3.2.0  2009-09-29
  - Ultra Fast NTFS scanning feature was added, NTFS analysis becomes
    approximately 25 times faster now
  - defragmentation of additional streams attached to NTFS files was added
  - information about trash (temporary files) excluded from reports,
    statistics and cluster map; these files are completely ignored now
  - a lot of new options were added to the console program
  - the \??\ sequence removed from file names in reports
  - Thai translation was made
  - some important parts of handbook were completely rewritten
  - Scheduler was rewritten in C language; NET framework is not required now!
  - ability to translate Scheduler into foreign languages was added
  - GUI options were moved from udefrag-gui.cmd script to
    easy to understand guiopts.lua file
  - debugging information will not be saved on disk since this version of the
    program; read carefully an appropriate chapter of program's handbook for
    detailed instructions about kernel mode driver debugging instead
  - few fatal driver bugs were fixed
  - driver's reliability was increased
  - now UltraDefrag requires less software for its development
  - FOR PROGRAMMERS: build configurator was rewritten in Lua
  - NOTE FOR PROGRAMMERS: to successfully recompile the driver run script and click 'Apply patch to MinGW' button once again

Version 3.1.0  2009-05-13
  - this is the most stable release at this moment
  - graphical interface was completely rewritten
  - gui program was translated into the following languages:

    Danish, Farsi, Swedish, Turkish

  - a lot of GUI bugs were fixed
  - very important driver bugs were fixed

Version 3.0.0  2009-03-15
  - defragmentation algorithm was completely rewritten to be more effective
  - free space optimization algorithm was completely rewritten
    to be more effective
  - a lot of important bugs were fixed


Version 2.1.2  2009-02-18
  - few important bugs were fixed

Version 2.1.1  2009-02-16
  - Japanese translation was made
  - column widths in GUI are now adjustable
  - processor architecture check was added to installer
  - most known bugs were fixed

Version 2.1.0  2009-02-09
  - debug logging feature was added
  - website was completely redesigned
  - UltraDefrag Handbook was added
  - many important x64 bugs were fixed
  - single file/directory defragmentation ability was added
  - console and native programs great speedup performed
  - gui program was translated into the following languages:

    Czech, Korean, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish (AR)

  - gui design was improved
  - two different driver versions (for NT4 and later systems) were replaced
    by one universal OS version independent driver
  - installer was highly optimized
  - winx_fopen: a, a+ modes were added

Version 2.0.0  2008-11-13
  - scripting support for boot time interface was added
  - program options were moved to environment variables
  - UltraDefrag Micro Edition package was added
  - a lot of portable application bugs were fixed

  - gui program was translated into the following languages:

    Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch,
    French (FR), German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Slovak, Slovenian

  - boot-on, boot-off, ud-config scripts were added
  - few useful shortcuts were added
  - udefrag.dll great optimization was performed
  - many functions were added to zenwinx.dll
  - installer compression ratio was increased
  - gui design was improved


Version 1.4.0  2008-10-02
  - i18n support was added
  - gui program was translated into Hungarian and Russian languages
  - documentation was improved
  - program settings were moved to one file
  - gui design was improved and simplified
  - console program's option -l was added
  - many significant bugs were fixed (possible buffer overflows)

Version 1.3.4  2008-03-09
  - new installation location: %windir%\UltraDefrag
  - driver code was simplified
  - most stable release at this moment

Version 1.3.3  2008-03-07
  - one important driver bug was fixed
  - few x64 installation bugs were fixed

Version 1.3.2  2008-03-03
  - few important bugs were fixed

Version 1.3.1  2008-03-02
  - SCSI and RAID volumes support was added
  - some significant bugs were fixed
  - new installation location: %windir%\system32\UltraDefrag

Version 1.3.0  2008-02-06
  - driver code was completely rewritten (to improve reliability)
  - highly configurable reports feature was added
  - report sorting ability was added
  - documentation was improved
  - driver code cleanup was performed
  - gui application memory requirements were reduced
  - build scripts were improved
  - many bugs were fixed
  - error handling was improved
  - coding style was changed to improve readability

Version 1.2.4  2007-12-22
  - big modern volumes support was added (by reducing memory requirements)
  - context menu handler for volumes in Explorer was added
  - documentation improved
  - first compilation using gcc -> strong code verifying ->
    hundreds of small bugs were fixed
  - full MinGW support for compilation
  - script was created

Version 1.2.3  2007-12-04
  - two gui bugs (#1833605 and #1839755) were fixed
  - localized error descriptions were added
  - small driver optimization was performed

Version 1.2.2  2007-11-16
  - all modules were internally completely redesigned
  - full NTFS junctions (reparse points) support!
  - many bugs were fixed
  - documentation was improved
  - full optimization was performed
  - portable application was simplified
  - full WinDDK support for compilation
  - gui was improved with new list of volumes
  - console program was improved with new useful options

Version 1.2.1  2007-10-08
  - bug #1807912 was fixed (Boot time defrag BSOD on w2k)

Version 1.2.0  2007-10-04
  - full NT 4.0 support
  - boot time defragmentation for 64-bit systems
  - Scheduler.NET
  - bug #1771887 (I/O error!) was fixed
  - native application was optimized
  - offline manual
  - system preset was improved
  - portable application option was added
  - small gui bugs were fixed

Version 1.1.0  2007-09-05
  - filter presets were added
  - 'progress bar disappears' bug was fixed
  - installer improved
  - 'paranoid debug print' option was added

Version 1.0.5  2007-08-03
  - 120 DPI bug was fixed
  - small console bug was fixed
  - drive letters assigned by subst command were excluded
  - most stable 1.0.x release

Version 1.0.4  2007-07-27
  - fatal buffer overflow bug was fixed
  - small gui bug was fixed

Version 1.0.3  2007-07-22
  - progress bar in gui
  - more settings
  - few small bugs were fixed

Version 1.0.2  2007-07-17
  - significant bugs were fixed
  - Windows DDK support for compilation [partially]

Version 1.0.1  2007-07-11
  - 'stop' function and some other significant bugs were fixed

Version 1.0.0  2007-07-05
  - initial public release
  - basic documentation was added
  - source code cleanup
  - build.cmd tool and makefiles were added


Alpha Stage
  Releases listed below were never published.

Version 0.6.0  2007-06-07
  - include & exclude filters were added
  - UTF-16/ASCII report format option

Version 0.5.0  2007-06-05
  - fragmented files list generation (in HTML) was added
  - cluster map in progress displaying
  - significant bugs were fixed

Version 0.4.3  2007-06-02
  - optimization and bug fixes

Version 0.4.2  2007-05-19
  - very significant optimization
  - source code cleanup

Version 0.4.1  2007-05-18
  - some optimization and small bug fixes

Version 0.4.0  2007-05-17
  - free space optimization command for NTFS-volumes
  - some fatal bugs were fixed

Version 0.3.0  2007-05-08
  - NT4.0 [in theory] & 5.0 [practically] support in defragmentation algorithm
  - full support for files compressed by NTFS
  - new gui design - better results displaying
  - gui: accelerators were added
  - some bugs were fixed

Version 0.2.0  2007-04-26
  - exclude defragmentation of fat directories (because not possible)
  - new design of gui interface - better cluster map visualization

Version 0.1.0  2007-04-25
  - defragmentation of NTFS directories
  - some bugs were fixed
  - MFT and directories displaying in cluster map

Version 0.0.1  2007-04-13
  - first release for NT 5.1 & 5.2
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