If something is not working properly don't hesitate to investigate the case and report it to

To help us find out what's going on please attach UltraDefrag log file to your report. To open it click Help > Debug > Open log in UltraDefrag GUI.

To configure logging click Settings > Preferences, open the Advanced tab and click UltraDefrag configuration file > Edit. The program will open the following file in a text editor: {installation folder}\conf\options.lua. Adjust logging options there and then save the file. The next time you run UltraDefrag the adjusted options will take effect.

To enable logging for console and boot time interfaces use the UD_DBGPRINT_LEVEL and UD_LOG_FILE_PATH environment variables. Refer to the Console Interface chapter of this handbook for detailed information.

Alternatively, you can use the Debug View program for logging. Just make sure the Capture Win32 option is checked there.

If logging to the specified file fails the program tries to log into the %SystemDrive%\UltraDefrag_Logs folder.

For automatic defragmentation issues please attach also the following file: {installation folder}\logs\task-launcher.log.

For graphical interface issues please attach a screenshot.

To speed up files submission compress logs by 7-zip and save screenshots in png format.