UltraDefrag uses Transifex to manage translations online. Register there for free to join our translation team. You are welcome!

If you'd like to translate the program offline use the PoEdit software.

To configure PoEdit enter your name and email address under File > Preferences > Personalise > Identity.

To edit an existing translation find your language in the ISO 639-2 list and edit then the appropriate {installation folder}\po\{language code}.po file.

To create a new translation click File > New catalogue from POT file and select {installation folder}\po\UltraDefrag.pot as the translation template.

Enter the following information into the catalog properties dialog:

  • Project name and version: ultradefrag
  • Language: the language code mentioned above
  • Charset: UTF-8
  • Plural forms: fill it if you know how

Translate strings paying attention to the Notes for translators and then send the updated stuff to us.

Your changes will be applied to the next release of UltraDefrag.