File Fragmentation Reports

After the job completion the program creates a file fragmentation report. It contains the following information about fragmented files:

Number of fragments.
Size of the file.
[DIR] for directories and [CMP] for NTFS compressed files.
The reason the file is still fragmented: either locked or move failed or invalid. In the last case the disk needs to be checked for errors (run CHKDSK {Driveletter} /F /R to fix it). If no reason is specified the file simply requires more continuous free space for defragmentation.
The full path of the file.

To open the report click Action > Show report in UltraDefrag GUI or click the following file in Windows Explorer: {installation folder}\reports\fraglist_{drive}.luar. Depending on configuration the program will generate either a web page or a plain text report and show it then.

To configure the reports click Settings > Preferences in UltraDefrag GUI. Then open the Advanced tab and click UltraDefrag configuration file > Edit. The program will open the following file in a text editor: {installation folder}\conf\options.lua. Adjust the file fragmentation reports options there and then save the file. The next time you open a report the adjusted options will take effect.

By default files are sorted by number of fragments in descending order. To change the order click the appropriate column heading. The sorting is pretty slow: it may take a few seconds.