The latest version of the program can be obtained at UltraDefrag Website.

You must be an administrator to install and run UltraDefrag.

The installation process is pretty straightforward, only one thing deserves to be mentioned. During startup the program sends a bit of usage statistics to the Google Analytics service. It helps us to understand better your needs. However, you may turn this feature off during the installation.

Also a special portable edition of UltraDefrag is available. It can be copied to a USB stick and then used without installation. However, you have to run the installer once to prepare all the necessary files. Just check Extract portable edition on the components selection page and Show extracted portable edition on the finish page during the installation. The portable edition includes all the features except a few: it cannot be used to set up automatic defragmentation, it does not include the boot time interface and it cannot be used to defragment individual files/folders from the Windows Explorer's context menu.

Silent mode

UltraDefrag can be installed silently (without graphical dialogs) using additional command line switches:

Install the program silently.
Your username.
Your password.
Install all the components.
Install the console and boot time interfaces only.
Install or remove the graphical interface.
Install or remove the console interface.
Install or remove the boot time interface.
Enable or disable automatic defragmentation.
Install or remove the Explorer's context menu handler.
Install or remove this handbook.
Install or remove all the shortcut icons.
Install or remove the start menu icon.
Install or remove the desktop icon.
Install or remove the quick launch icon.
Enable or disable the usage tracking mentioned above.
Extract or remove portable edition of UltraDefrag.
/D={Installation Folder}
Set the installation folder. It must be the last parameter used in the command line and must not contain any quotes, even if the path contains spaces. Only absolute paths are supported. The destination folder must be empty or contain a previous UltraDefrag installation.
  • Both name and password switches are mandatory for silent mode unless you upgrade an existing v9 installation.
  • The shortcut icons force installation of the graphical interface they depend on.
  • The same way automatic defragmentation and the Explorer's context menu handler force installation of the console interface.

The following samples illustrate use of the command line switches:

:: install everything except of desktop and quick launch icons
ultradefrag-8.0.0.exe /S /NAME=Joe /PASSWORD=XXX /FULL=1 /ICONS=0 /STARTMENUICON=1
:: install the console and boot time interfaces only along with this handbook
ultradefrag-8.0.0.exe /S /NAME=Joe /PASSWORD=XXX /MICRO=1 /HELP=1
:: remove the boot time interface from the previous installation
ultradefrag-8.0.0.exe /S /NAME=Joe /PASSWORD=XXX /BOOT=0
:: change the installation folder
ultradefrag-8.0.0.exe /S /NAME=Joe /PASSWORD=XXX /D=H:\Software\UltraDefrag
:: uninstall the program silently
%UD_INSTALL_DIR%\uninstall.exe /S

For troubleshooting omit the /S switch and check the dialogs to ensure that all the parameters are set properly. In case of errors check the following file as well: %TMP%\UltraDefrag_Install.log. Additionally you can use the DebugView program, as shown in the Troubleshooting chapter of this handbook, to collect a bit more debugging information during the installation.