If something went wrong don't hesitate to investigate the case and report it via our bug tracker.

To help us find out what's going on please attach UltraDefrag debugging output to your report.

To catch it directly use the Debug View program: its Capture Win32 feature suits well for the purpose.

To redirect the debugging output to a log file use the following commands for the console and boot time interfaces

set UD_LOG_FILE_PATH=%UD_INSTALL_DIR%\logs\udefrag.log

or simply adjust the GUI parameters dbgprint_level and log_file_path.

If logging to the specified file fails the program tries to log into the %SystemDrive%\UltraDefrag_Logs folder.

For graphical interface issues please attach also a screenshot.

To speed things up compress logs by 7-zip and save screenshots in png format before their submission to the bug tracker.