File Fragmentation Reports

After the job completion the program creates a file fragmentation report. It contains the following information about fragmented files:

Number of fragments.
Size of the file.
[DIR] for directories and [CMP] for NTFS compressed files.
The reason the file is still fragmented: either locked or move failed or invalid. In the last case the disk needs to be checked for errors (run CHKDSK {Driveletter} /F /R to fix it). If no reason is specified the file simply requires more continuous free space for defragmentation.
The full path of the file.

To open the report click Action > Show report in UltraDefrag GUI or click the following file in Windows Explorer: {installation folder}\reports\fraglist_{drive}.luar. Depending on configuration the program will generate either a web page or a plain text report and show it then.

To configure the reports click Settings > Options in UltraDefrag GUI or edit the following file manually: {installation folder}\conf\options.lua.

By default files are sorted by number of fragments in descending order. To change the order click the appropriate column heading. The sorting is pretty slow: it may take a few seconds.