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What are promotional codes and how to use them

Promotional codes, also known as coupon codes, are special codes you can use to claim a discount during our promotional campaigns. Follow this step by step guide to learn how to use the codes…

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Reliable and safe operation

The latest version of UltraDefrag is well known to be very reliable. According to our statistics we have gathered throughout the last few years and many millions of UltraDefrag runs, the only thing which can prevent UltraDefrag from doing its job is broken computer hardware…

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Extremely fast and efficient defragmentation

Defragmentation can be a time consuming operation, especially if your disks are heavily fragmented. UltraDefrag uses a lot of smart techniques to perform the job as quickly and efficiently as possible…

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Below is the list of all UltraDefrag releases along with the improvements they brought in…

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UltraDefrag 9 vs UltraDefrag 7

People often ask us, what is the difference between the most recent version of UltraDefrag (9.0.1) and the latest free version of the program (7.1.4). We hope that by writing this article we can answer this popular question…

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UltraDefrag features

UltraDefrag 9 comes with a great set of features intended to make your disk defragmentation experience as easy and pleasant as possible…

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